About Complaints

The Complaints Department falls directly under the Investigation and Enforcement Division which has the authority to look into irregularities with all licensees and registrants of the FSC. The Complaints Section outlined below offers consumers an insight into the steps involved in resolving complaints pertaining to the business practices of the insurance, securities industry and the private pensions industries.

What kind of complaints can the FSC review?

The FSC can review written complaints about the business practices of regulated entities offering:

  • Insurance:
  • Long Term - Life and Sickness and Health insurance classes of business
  • General (Motor vehicle, property, accident, pecuniary loss, liability, marine, aviation and transport) insurance classes of business
  • Securities
  • Private Pensions


What kind of complaints cannot be reviewed?

We will not attempt to resolve a complaint that:

  • Is being or has been dealt with by a court or an alternative dispute resolution process.
  • Falls under the regulatory authority of another organization such as the Fair Trading Commission, the Consumer Affairs. Commission or the Bank of Jamaica
  • Has already been dealt with by the FSC.
  • Where it is to be determined which party is liable in a motor vehicle accident. Usually this is in the remit of the court.
  • Complaints where the parties in the dispute fail to or refuse to put their complaints in writing.