Disclosure of Additional Information to be made by Barita Investments for its Additional Public Offering

News Articles • September 10, 2021 • by: FSC • [Download Document]

The Financial Services Commission (FSC) wishes to advise investors that subsequent to the prospectus released by Barita Investments Limited (BIL), in respect of its Additional Public Offering (APO), the FSC has determined that an Addendum to said prospectus is required.

Subsequent to the opening of BIL’s APO of shares on September 6, 2021, the FSC believed it was prudent for the issuer to formally release an addendum to the prospectus to ensure an orderly disclosure of material information relevant to the public offer.

The disclosures have been reviewed in line with our requirements for disclosures in Management Discussion and Analysis. Based on that assessment, the FSC has no objection to the release of the addendum.

Interested investors may speak with their licensed investment advisors for further guidance.