Approved Courses

On examining the academic qualifications necessary for licensing and registration under the Securities Act, it will be noticed that provision has been made for acceptance of a course in securities approved by the Commission. In this regard, the Commission gave very serious thought to the concept of a standard course to be undertaken by all applicants. However, as already indicated, the Commission has instead provided a flexible range of qualifications leading to eligibility for licensing and registration. The concept of a standard course in securities is, however, important and it might very well be that, in the future, the Commission will require all new applicants to undertake such a course.

Currently, the following courses are approved for individuals who wish to be considered for licensing as a Dealer's or Investment Adviser's Representative

1. Financial Securities Management (offered by the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean)

2. The Jamaica Securities Course (offered by the Jamaica Institute of Management)

3. The Canadian Securities Course (offered by the Canadian Securities Institute)

4. The Portfolio Management Certificate Programme (offered by Fitz-Ritzon and Associates)

5. Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Services Management (offered by Jamaica Stock Exchange e-Campus)

6. The Jamaica Stock Exchange's Online Jamaican Securities Course - The Jamaican Securities Market