Approved Courses

The FSC has provided a flexible range of qualifications leading to eligibility for registration. Currently, the following courses are approved for individuals who wish to be considered for registration as a dealer’s representative or Sales representative:
Dealer’s Representative

1. Financial Securities Management (offered by the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean)
2. The Jamaican Securities Course (offered by UTech/JIM School of Advanced  Management)
3. The Canadian Securities Course (offered by the Canadian Securities Institute)
4. The Portfolio Management Certificate Programme (offered by Fitz-Ritzon and Associates). Please note that this course has as its prerequisite, an undergraduate degree and /or certification in securities or financial programmes such as the Jamaican Securities Course.
5. Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Services Management (offered by the Jamaica Stock Exchange e-Campus)

The concept of a standard course in securities is, however, important and as such the FSC reserves the right to require all new applicants to undertake such a course.

Sales Representative

Salesman Examination administered by the College of Insurance & Professional Studies in the class(es) of insurance business for which registration is being sought.