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Legislation: -

ˇ           Financial Services Commission Act

ˇ           The Securities Act, 1993

ˇ           Amendment to the Securities Act, 2001

ˇ           The Unit Trust Act

ˇ           Amendment to the Unit Trust Act, 2001


Other: -

ˇ           Ten tips for investors


Under the Securities Act and Unit Trust Act the Financial Services Commission is responsible for the supervision of all

brokers, securities companies and their representatives. 

This supervision will be directed from the Securities Division of the Commission. 


To contact Securities Division:

Phone: 876-906-3010

Fax: 876-906-3018




The links  to the Financial Services Act, Securities Act, 1993 and the Unit Trust Act will take you   to the official website of the Ministry of Justice where the Laws of Jamaica are published. The information is provided by the Office of the Chief Parliamentary Counsel which has responsibility for maintaining those web pages.

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