The School Financial Education Programme (SFEP) is a youth-focused, activity-based programme developed in partnership with Junior Achievement Jamaica. 

SFEP is held between January and March each year and is designed to teach children and young adults how to take charge of their own financial future and make smart plans based on wise financial choices. Approximately five thousand students have been direct beneficiaries over the past ten years.

The SFEP curriculum delivered by the teachers at the participating schools helps to develop students’ Money Management Skills, introduce concepts in Personal Finance, and promote responsible Credit Management.  At the end of the approximate six-week period, it is expected that students will:

  • Understand the time value of money;
  • Take practical steps to earn and save money;
  • Get exposure to investment products and strategies;
  • Spend less than they earn;
  • Learn how to grow and manage money;
  • Protect their financial resources;
  • Manage and control their credit and a credit profile, and
  • Manage and control their debt.

The targeted participants are students from Jamaican high schools island-wide who are at least 12 years old and who are motivated and capable of understanding the programme material.

All students participating in the programme also benefit from one-day comprehensive educational tours of three important financial institutions:  The Bank of Jamaica’s Money Museum; the Jamaica Stock Exchange, and the offices of the FSC.

During these tours, the students are exposed to how money evolves and how the Financial System in Jamaica operates and view presentations that explain the regulatory roles of the FSC, BOJ and the JSE.

SFEP also includes competitions in Essay, Audio/Visual and jingle creation used to evaluate how well students can apply the information shared with them. 

The students are able to apply the information shared with them using both academic and creative media. This allows them to tap into their knowledge by way of an expressive outlet that speaks to their demographic best.

The SFEP will continue to be the marquee establishment championing financial literacy as a part of the National Financial Inclusion Strategy (NFIS). We are proud to be the flag bearers of such an important legacy in the development of the men and women of Jamaica’s future.

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