About Complaints

The Complaints Department falls directly under the Investigation and Enforcement Division which has the authority to look into irregularities with all licensees and registrants of the FSC. The Complaints Section outlined below offers consumers an insight into the steps involved in resolving complaints pertaining to the business practices of the insurance, securities industry and the private pensions industries.

If you have a complaint, fill out form below and we will get in touch.

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Your complaint to the FSC MUST be made by the completion and submission of the relevant sector’s Complaint Form and must include the following information:

  • The name of the regulated entity (or person) against which/whom you are filing the complaint.
  • Complete details of your complaint – If your complaint is due to your disagreement with the company’s position, you should state the reason(s) for your disagreement
    Copies of all relevant correspondence or documents relating to the matter, (if available) must be scanned and attached.
  •  Your full name, mailing address and a contact number where you can be reached (If someone else will be acting on your behalf, please provide and attach this information for the person).

Generally, if you engaged the services of an attorney he/she may also
write on your behalf. Additionally, if you are writing on behalf of
someone else, please attach a letter signed by that person authorizing
you to act for him/her. If it is not possible to obtain such
authorization then explain the circumstances to us in writing.


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